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The RDRBI is a non-profit research organization committed to identifying the causes of baseball-related injuries, defining methods to significantly reduce them, and educating the public of these findings and methods.

How We Help

Through our research, RDRBI has become the leader in the 3D motion analysis on baseball players. We have data on over 300 MLB, minor league, high school and youth athletes which has led to cutting-edge injury-prevention protocols. Not only do we capture data and analyze it, but we are currently the only place that will prescribe specific training & conditioning protocols based on the information gathered from an individual's motion analysis.

As we progress through the new millennia, we are experiencing the benefits of scientific research and development in many sports that we participate or enjoy as spectators. Golf, football, track, cycling, snow skiing, and many more have benefited from advancements in research and technology for athletes and their equipment. The lone straggler in this arena is baseball. The development of RDRBI's facilities will allow us to perform continuing research that will help protect our baseball athletes - from the youth level to the pros.